Tuesday Ryan-Hart steals my heart everytime

I wanted to introduce you to an amazing thinker and agent of change, Tuesday Ryan-Hart.  In the last five years, I have significantly developed my approach to Collaborative Policy Design using many of the tools I learned from Tuesday, and her colleagues (some of whom will surely be highlighted in future posts).  She is part of an international community of practice of what I would call collaborative thinking, called variously The Art of Hosting, The Art of Social Change, or The Art of Participatory Leadership.

Among the people in this community of practice, Tuesday is one of the most evolutionary and revolutionary thinkers.  I remember, once, in Omaha, years ago, a man accusing me of teaching policy analytic tools that could be, “used by anyone, for anything.”  That man really made me re-examine how and what I was teaching.  Since then, I talk explicitly about the values that frame all our work.  And I am more public about my own values.  Policy analysis is grounded in values, and ignoring that fact tends to reify existing power structures.  So, thank you, man in Omaha.

Tuesday is someone who similarly takes practices that are used in corporate and non-profit settings for a wide range of goals, and explicitly surrounds them with a social justice framework.  Listen to her, and her colleague, Tim Merry, talk about this in a recent blogpost.  Tuesday is wise and fierce, and we celebrate her.

Check out her website http://www.tuesdayryanhart.com/